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Friday, February 27, 2009

Mistake, Or Was It? - Update

I wrote a post a couple of weeks back about a friendly soup gone sour. I need to make an update.

Well, we spoke eventually, a few minutes back! It was surprising, and a little disappointing when I think about the reason which started the conversation, but that is another story. Anyway, he told me that 'Love You' was not meant for me. It was an accident, a case of mixed up phone numbers. I know that sounds more like an excuse, but I would choose to believe him. I am sure he wouldn't lie to me at the least! I do still love him, in a more platonic fashion of course. And i hope he realized it when he read this for the first time today!

Friend : When on earth did I say 'Love You'?

Josh : Message received on Feb-7-2009, 02:19:20. And don't try and tell me that the message was for someone else, which was accidentally delivered to me. That is an overly used excuse.

Friend : That message was not for you. But you wont take it because you said it in you post. Anyways, peace out!

Josh : You know I still care for you, don't you? But after knowing that talking to me 'hurts' you more every time, I convinced myself never to call you up unless you do it first! About what the arbitrator spoke to you, I repeat, I really don't know . But the truth is that I wasn't prying. I wasn't asking anyone anything. All I ever wanted was for him to take care of you when he was in your city. You are not obliged to respond, anyway! Because I am just another guy. And about the message you sent me accidentally, I will take your word for it. I will edit the post.

Friend : Thank you and cheers!

Friday, February 20, 2009

One Kiss, I'll Die For

Adorned amongst leaves, he squats behind a tree, beholding the fair lady, who sits by the window untangling her shimmering locks. Unmoving, unblinking, two eyes, just gazing at his beloved. So many times before, he had veiled himself at the same spot, and just looked up, towards the shapely window of the crystal castle, waiting for her to show. So many times before, he had seen her at the same spot, sometimes laughing with the butterflies, and at others, singing with the larks! The magnificent morning, when he saw her first, he cannot forget. Ever since then, he had stored that one golden curl, which had abandoned her blissful stature and fallen to the ground, like a pigeon’s fair feather, and every day since then, he had kissed it goodnight. Ever since then, he had stayed up all night just in an anticipation of a shooting star, to make a wish, that one day, she would amble down the castle stairs, come to him, kiss his yearning lips and reinvent him. Ever since then, he had foreseen the day, when he would be able to hum to her, his love song…

One kiss, for which I ache

One kiss, I cry for

One kiss, for which I live

One kiss, I’ll die for

Hither Princess! Your frog awaits!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cast A Vote!

Just the other day I was having a relaxed dialogue with a friend of mine, Sherry – Indian, but in London since quite a while now! In the middle of the tête-à-tête, I nonchalantly asked him if he had visited my blog of late. He responded rightly. But what he said after that got me thinking. He suggested something which had never struck me earlier ever. But it kinda made sense to me, I mean the suggestion.

Josh, why don’t you ‘pep-up’ your blog a bit? For once, you don’t have a boring politically inclined blog like mine. It’s a Gay Blog! It deserves some frolic! Come on Joshie boi, let your hair down a little!

Now not that I think Sherry had a boring blog (it is rather hair gripping at times!), but then may be he is right. May be I need a little mascara and eye shadow! But then, the purpose I began with this blog was to share myself with people. That dilemma inside me, I needed to give it a vent. So, the blog has always been a reflection of my inner self! On the same hand, I can’t hardly bore you guys to tears with my down in the dumps personal life all the time now, can I? So, I am thinking of ‘pepping’ it up just a teeny weenie bit. It is for that reason, I need a little help. Now for some strange reason, I cannot create a poll gadget on this template (I so need to change it!). So I had post it here. What I need is for you guys to vote from amongst the following options and lemme know what do the readers and the followers want from my blog, apart from what it already offers. Now you can choose more than one options and hell... you can add your own too :P Lol!

So, what do you think guys? What would you tell me to do?

█ Josh, add some sensual art! I appreciate beauty.

█ Josh, add some erotic art! I appreciate beauty, just like my Johnson!

█ What the hell... show me some dick! I am hungry.

█ Josh, add a few videos, you know! The ones that help single gay guys!

█ I have an idea! Let’s change your gay blog to a porn blog! *Wank Wank*

Desperately awaiting your response and suggestions, this is Josh signing off for today.

Have a happy period!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Football Season - 2

And here is the next and the final game of the football season. :)

It commences from the point where season 1 left off, that is, post vanilla foreplay :P
The story continues...

The game's really simple you see..

Just sit back, and enjoy the blows...

Sometimes, it gets rough when your confrère doesn't cooperate!

The feeling is mutual!

The spirit of the game just lifts you up...

And then comes the pre-climax...

And the game... catches fire...

You try to perform your best and get the ball(s) in the right place!

(The next one is the best!! I have never attained this level of passion.. ever! :)


And then... the lovers, sometimes, try to celebrate the victory in the most exquisite of fashions that one can ever see! I know I haven't seen this position ever :P

What about you? :)
* chuckle *

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Football Season - 1

Football is a game.
So is sex!

I was making some space in my mailbox just earlier today. And I came across a long lost e-mail from a girlfriend which read "Kamasutra of Football". Naturally, I opened it just to find some hilarious images which I am posting here. Most of you must have already seen this as the mail was dated sometime in October 2005. This is for the not-so-updated and the freshly teens!

It starts with a hug!

And then you kiss!

You check yourself only to find that you are feeling... aroused!

You then try to attract your mate by displaying your strengths!

Then begins... the Foreplay!

Slowly, you undress.....

or each other!

You can' hardly wait to have that one thing... It's Irresistable!

What happens next, you all know in your gay hearts! Nevertheless, I'll make another post... say, for the heck of it! :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mistake, Or Was It?

PS: There is an additional update on this post. Please click here after you are bored of the following post.

A couple of months back I was busy being vicious on the otherwise dreary threads of the general forum of If you know me there, you’d know all about the whacky alter-universe that I have created. I was on a sabbatical since quite some time and I had just returned to the gay dating site when I came across a familiar profile. So, as a matter of general courteousness, I dropped in an uncomplicated “Hi”, which was suitably responded to. To my surprise, he didn’t remember me. Of course I didn’t take offense to it. After all, I was just another fish in the pond! Anyway, we started sending cordial messages to each other often after that. A week later, I was having a wicked chat with a stupid fucktard (It gives me colossal pleasure to verbally screw retards! Yes, you are free to call me an asshole, who isn’t one?). And he retaliated to something brilliant that I must have said by fruitlessly trying to prove that he belongs to a superior intellect as he had the courage to upload a photograph of his facial wrinkles and other freckled features and I was yet sporting a towel around the bums and not facing the camera in the eye. I had to do something. I couldn’t have let my fans down. Finally, I replied.

Sweetie, that doesn’t prove anything, except that even my ass has courage as your baboon face.

Was it this remark, or something else, but my acquaintance was impressed and sent his appreciation through a message containing his private messenger ID.

<- Fast Forward ->

He confessed it after a few days. By then, we had started enjoying each other’s company, on messenger or over the phone. He said that he had initially lied to me about not remembering me, and that was because he had had a crush on me since long and my “Hihad startled him. I wasn’t prepared for this. And I thought its better to just be candid. I told him that I kinda like someone. Nothing’s official yet, and wouldn’t be for long because unfortunately the expanse between Massachusetts and Lucknow isn’t just a courtyard, neither will it ever be. I guess he took it well. We were closer than ever-- sharing secrets like school girls. He even introduced me to another funny and like minded character on the network. But after a week, he started behaving funny! He would habitually bring my crush in the heart of a dialogue and start calling him my ‘boyfriend’, which of course is not true yet. He says he did that to pull my leg. I think it was a way he devised to laugh off his feelings for me. The relief came when he told me that he is dating someone special. I was happy for him, genuinely, till recently, when he told me that it wasn’t working out because of a hundred reasons. I wouldn’t deny that his reasons were legitimate. Then he said something which I actually was expecting!

You know, I think I still have something for you.

And then he added something which I could never have expected.

And every time we talk, you hurt me all the more. So it’s better that we never speak again.

I couldn’t react. We had been in such situations earlier too, but we always made up in exactly two days each time. But honestly, I was getting a little tired of the recurring exercise. Ergo, I said that I was a little disappointed but I wouldn’t ever wanna hurt him. So I promised not to buzz him unless he did first. It only seemed fair!

<- Fast Forward ->

I didn’t get a call even after three days. And I was worried sick. I called up the common associate and requested him not to let the word out that I rang him up. I knew how my admirer could get all worked up above the fact that “I care”! So I merely told him to take care of my friend while he was there with him. Before disconnecting my call, I repeated my request about keeping my call a secret. Exactly after forty minutes, my cell phone beeped.

1 New Message.

I read it.

If you want to ask me something, you can ask directly rather than calling others.

The undercurrent was too much for me to swallow. So I replied.

I didn’t ask him anything and I don’t know what he told you. All I ever requested him was to take care of you. And you can’t really blame me for that, or for the fact that I kept my promise of not contacting you unsolicited. So before you point fingers, get your facts straight and think before u say something to anyone.

Of course I was incensed.

<- Fast Forward ->

Yesterday, I he texted me again.

Love you.

I haven’t yet replied. I don’t know how to. I wouldn’t ever speak to the arbitrator bytch again. But I lost someone dear over nothing.

But I fail to understand what my mistake is!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Penguin Song

You remember how every penguin has its song called the 'Heartsong'? Well, this one is mine. :)

I saw Serendipity as a kid, and I fell in love with John Cusack almost at once. He has one of the most gorgeous smiles ever. Strangely enough though, I never heard 'Moonlight Kiss' again anywhere. And I forgot all about it. Until recently, while googling something for some reason (of which you'd all learn just in a few days :), I came across Bap Kennedy's profile and heard this song again. And I was instantaneously transcended to my Neverland. And out of the night blue, there was this colossal moon shining with all his vividness, right across the valley, directly above its reflection in the ripples of the silver water, while I sat on a green hill top under a peach tree. The breeze would then travel many a miles, take My Song across many other dales and softly whisper in his ears that I am here still, and would always be, waiting for my Moonlight Kiss.

Bap - Moonlight Kiss lyrics

I can feel my heart
and it's fit to burst
try to clean it up
but i just get worse

wish i could fall
on a night like this
into your lovin' arms
for a moonlight kiss

i thought i saw your face
in the evenin' sky
on a lonesome cloud
that was driftin' by

wish i could fall
on a night like this
into your lovin' arms
for a moonlight kiss

(instrumental break)

you got someone else
maybe it's for the best
since i took the cure
for happiness

and i'd trade it all
on a night like this
for your lovin' arms
and a moonlight kiss

for your lovin' arms
and a moonlight kiss

lovin' arms and a moonlight kiss

Lyrics | Bap lyrics - Moonlight Kiss lyrics

Thursday, February 05, 2009

I've Found My Voice!

"Did you ever feel like you were missing out? Did you ever feel like you didn't belong? I used to feel that way... big time! I thought that by changing the way that I looked and dressed, I could plug all the gaps in my life. I wanted to be a part of something--- Anything! I didn't care what, I didn't care how. I thought that I could buy a style; a style to change me, create a new me, make me someone else. It was only when I realized how wrong I was, that I suddenly saw the person I wanted to be, looking right back at me. Now, for the first time in my life, I can see what is beautiful and what's really important. And it's all around, so close, I just have to reach out and it's there.

I’ve found my voice; show me how to use it!"

Michael Legge as Shane Butler

Cowboys And Angels (2003)