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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Candles Are All Blown Out Now...

They say you get a wish
Made in that blessed moment
With the cake still on the table
And a candle for every year
You close you blissful eyes
And stretch your lips to smile
And in a single breath you blow
Them out amidst a cheer!

They pray you live an eternity
And the dancing never ends
The cake is all consumed now
And the candles are all spent
They each leave with a friendly face
A promise to meet again
The day might be done for now
But the revelry never ends.

Each promise was but broken
With the first ray next day
You left us all with dampened souls
'Twas anything but fair
As much we wish to turn the time
That blessed moment is gone
Our wish would never come true now
For there are no candles more to spare.....

I had been too disheveled to be online since a while. I lost someone. A very close friend. It was the cruel irony of fate. His birthday celebrations had hardly even seen the dawn, when he was snatched into the darkness. My heart goes out to his boyfriend. He's putting up a brave face though, I heard. It has been the worst time ever in my existance of 25 years. It was a little too much for me to bear. And i have hardly been able to deal with it. Thanks to friends, who stood bt me as support in this diffcult time. And friends, who need support like me, I just wanted to tell you, I am here!


Just wnt to say one thing. Whevere you are, which ever world now, we will always love you. You might be gone, but you would always stay alive in our hearts, our memories, our souls!

Miss you loads !!

Love Always,