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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Warning Sign

The lyrics of this song never fail to bring tears to my eyes. It reminds me of all the mistakes I made.. with him, with me... with us. And then I came across this video. It is not the original Coldplay video release. It was made in 2006 and it went on to win the National Student Television Association Award. I see this video, and I get a lump in my throat.. wishing, I had seen a warning sign... before my life fell apart. I am doing much better now, anyway. I am happy. He is happy. :)

I am meeting him again, actually, next week on my trip to his city. Busy as we are, we won't have much time to catch up. But I am kinda glad that unlike the cliche, we made it together and came out closer than ever on the other side of my feelings for him. We are great friends today. And it feels good. And it feels nice. And it feels right :)

PS: This video has been directed by Andrew Morris. It was made by the fans, taking Adam Archer as the actor. I adored the sheer beauty and intensity of it all. And after seeing this, it just pinches somewhere inside. It hurts.Nevertheless, it is a video not to be missed.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

मैं हूँ वही

चल चल चलें, हम चले चलें
हम दूर हों इस शोर से
ना शूल हो, न रात हो
दिन हो शुरू नयी भोर से

जहां सोच हमारी ले उड़ान
क्या है भविष्य, ना हो महत्व
जहां ज़िन्दगी बस आज हो
खुशियों ही का बस हो समत्व

क्या गुम कोई, क्यों चला गया
रुका था कौन बस पल दो पल
इस सोच के पिंजर तोड़ दे
मैं आज हूँ, पर वो था कल

दम पर मेरे तू पंख खोल
लड़खड़ायेगा तो सहारा है
कल की आंधी को भूल जा
ये आज बस अब हमारा है

कोई रात से जब तू डरे
साथ जब कोई मिले नहीं
तू याद कर बस एक बार
मैं हूँ यहीं, बस यहीं कहीं

हम साथ हैं, मैं कहता था
अब ना सही तो ना सही
पर पूछ ज़रा उस सीने से
मैं था जो कल, मैं हूँ वही