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Saturday, March 03, 2012

And Now.. It's Ashmit's Turn To Bare All!!

I fail to understand sometimes... How desperate can one get?

Ashmit Patel... a 30 something unsuccessful Bollywood actor has been associated with the film industry for over a decade now! During this spell (much arid for him!), he tried his hands at a lot of things. He was an Assistant Director to Vikram Bhatt before he attempted to display his acting skills. Too bad he couldn't make a mark in either of the fields. But then again, he is a straight Bollywood actor (Lol... I couldn’t help it!).

This decent looking bloke has quite made up for his failure on screen by keeping himself in the news. I was still schooling when his video with Riya Sen became the hot new MMS doing the rounds about the country, which apparently is back again because Ashmit has managed to stir it up once again for what I can only assume as a sadistic motive. Post that, his fling with that ugly ass woman called Veena Malik became the prime reason for the popularity of the stupid show in which these two were participating. I am sorry that I am writing negatively here, but Blah! This is my personal blog and this is what I feel personally. So people who don’t agree can go and shove their egoistic heads up their arse.

But Ashmit’s latest stunt (Thank God for that!) really caught my eye, if you know what I mean. Here he is... Ta dah! In the nude! :P

OMG!!! I never realized he could look so super hot! Damn man… I mean... Wow! So Ashmit, I apologize for ignoring you and your trivial attempts at being popular in the past. I apologize that I made fun of you while amidst my friends and how I told people that you totally deserve to be your sister’s brother! Just keep posing like this... for me... It’s a personal request! And I promise, with what I write about it over here, you will not need any more MMS scandals or fake relationships with slutty whores! In short, I’ll own you, bitch!

Coming back to the original question… is he that desperate? Like, does he honestly think that such stunts will give him a ‘career’ or create a market for him? Hell ya..!! As a porn star for us poor gay blokes who can only imagine to look so hot in a picture (even if morphed!).

Anyhow, Just enjoy the view people… enjoy the view! J