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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Infinite Loop

You know how it is sometimes that you want to hear a tune on a boundless loop? Hasn’t happened to me in a while until this song! Its admirable how such an intricate passion which screams of heart ache could be precast into a pretty darn splendid and not-so-morose a song! The first time I came across the song was while I was blog hopping and I stumbled upon a music blog

[Interlude: By the way, the blog is remarkable! It’s called ZOMGTALK. Its obviously about music and the ancillary, and it exposes you to an uncut (LOL!) indulgence of updates and reviews about the latest music along with the new releases. I mean, ZOMG! I had no idea about so many bands and artists being mentioned out there! It is also available on Facebook as for you Facebookers to ‘Like’ and follow. The unique thing which I noticed about the blog is that it is as good as being in real time. If there is a new album or a single out there, if there is a new song which tops the chart, it is updated almost instantly here! I beseech you avid readers and lovers of the sound of music to check out the blog once! ]

So, coming back to what I was saying, Gotye’s (Feat Kimbra) ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ has been my ringtone for a while now, and the good signal is, that I am not yet tempted to change it! Oh! And did I tell you that the video is an absolute delight? Watch out for naked Gotye! (wink wink)

Another interesting thing happened though! I was with my ex this new year’s eve. Yes, we are still very close. And I know we will always be. I made him listen to it, and almost immediately he had a smile on his face.

“Josh, I know why you like this song!”
“Huh? How do you mean? There is a reason apart from the fact that it’s fucking brilliant?”
“O come on! Stop it. You know why.”
(Me, a little confused) “Akki, what are you talking about?”
“This is us! It is our story. This happened with us.”
(More than confused) “What? How is this our story?”
“Doofus! Pay attention to the lyrics.”

Now, I had heard the song many a times over. I knew the lyrics. But I never quite saw them in the light in which he did. I quickly recapped the rhythmic tide of musical lyrics in my head. And it suddenly dawned upon me. I understood.. I won’t elaborate upon the context of our story in relation to the song. That is rather personal to the both of us. But ya, it was our story! To a major extent. I couldn’t say much after that to him… just kept gazing at his face while he told me how he was Gotye and I was Kimbra. It was tough to relive a hard and seemingly relentless and excruciating time in mere 4 minutes and 4 seconds.

The last thing he said to me that day was, “Josh! I still know you better than you know yourself!

So, tell me again…why am I still in love with him?


Iamhere said...

Fell in love with this song the first time I heard it, still in love with it :)
P.S : Thank you for ZOMG!